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 Choosing a builder is simple... choose quality.

  • You have invested in exceptional architects to help develop your vision...          
  • Now all that is left to do is choose quality construction...

Selecting JJ OSKAM Builders Ltd allows you to sleep easy, knowing that your home is being built by an extremely experienced and reliable team of professionals who have met and surpassed the expectations of a long list of clients.

If you haven't yet selected an Architect, we can put you in touch with some of NZ's best - contact John on 0274 432 501.



  1. At all times we will work to achieve the best possible result for you, our client. Be this in regard to going the extra mile to source innovative solutions, financial savings or quality craftsmanship.

  2. At all times we will treat you, our client, with respect and dignity. This high standard will be reflected in both our communication with you and the quality of our work.

  3. All we do is with an understanding of the fact that homes are more than a financial investment. They are also the creation of ‘spaces of significance’ for you, your friends and your family. Spaces of relaxation, fun and intangible qualities.

  4. Where possible we will advise you on the latest building techniques and materials which are both functional and easy on the environment.

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JJ OSKAM Builders Ltd provide a 7 year Master Build Guarantee.

JJ Oskam Builders Ltd Building Spaces of Significance since 1974
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